Unsolicited Mat Cutter Reviews/Testimonials

Below are some Mat Cutting Reviews and Testimonials that customers sent to us after using Alto’s EZ Mat Cutting Tools. Hearing from people who use and benefit from the tools that we create (and use ourselves!) is gratifying. Thanks so much!


I have saved thousands of dollars by using your mat cutter. … It is SO easy to use!


I would like to thank you again for the greatly appreciated help and fast, fantastic service. Consider me an avid, vocal promoter for Alto’s products whenever I get the opportunity. My next purchase is going to be the Oval Template Set. I don’t know how anyone could go wrong with your products. Keep up the great work! Sincerely…”


I’ve used your mat cutter for many years and as far as I’m concerned, it’s the best on the market!”


I’m so happy I bought your mat cutting system last year at the Woodworking show. It’s everything you promised.”


I just wanted to say how pleased I am with all the Alto’s products that I have purchased. I especially love the Model 30 freehand cutter. I has given me a degree of freedom of expression that I had not thought possible! I have attached a sample. I have only just begun to experiment – my sketch book is filling up and the sky’s the limit!


Just wanted you to know that I just received your oval mat cutting templates. They are a joy to use over a competitors oval cutter. This is a simple, easy, and fast method for cutting ovals at a reasonable price. I am very pleased with my very first results.


I was given several odd sized photographs of my family I wanted to frame. Purchasing standard mats was impossible and having them custom made was prohibitively expensive. I bought your 4501 Mat Cutting System. After watching the excellent video. I made three mats without making a single mistake. I love to take credit for being so talented, but I must confess your system made an experts out of a novice.


The first matt I made was on a piece of board that came with the product and it was perfect. I have never before cut a matt in my life so that proves how simple it was.”

—Erica in Great Britain

You and your company are a good example of what GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE IS ALL ABOUT. You can bet I will be telling all my friends about the kind of company you work for.”


Yes, I do love my Alto 4505 mat cutter. I have matted more than 2,000 pictures in the past couple years. Before Alto I had a (names competitor) – Alto is far superior to (names same competitor)!! So much faster, more even cut, can do larger borders, measuring is a ‘snap’!!…
… Again, thank you for helping me and THANK YOU FOR MAKING SUCH A GREAT MAT CUTTER!!!”

—Marge, Vancouver WA

Our framer can’t stop talking about the great products you have in the Alto’s 4501 and 4505 mat cutters.”

—Art Hardware

My husband gave me a 4501 for Xmas and I am in heaven!!!”


I recently purchased the Alto 4501. I was a little worried about the ease of use of a mat cutting system. Yours makes those worries evaporate quite quickly.”


Superb product.”

—John, Lebanon IL

Thank you very much for replacing the lost directions for the Alto EZ/Mat. You provide excellent customer service and I am most impressed.”

—Robert, Grantham NH

I just received a 4501 cutter. It’s incredible! I’ve cut fourteen mats since yesterday on Exeter Museum Board and every one is perfect. I’ve use (mentions competitor), (mentions another competitor), and a $500 (another competitor) and your Alto is easier to use and does a better job than all of them. Congratulations on an outstanding product.”

—M Morizio

I researched different products on the web. Alto’s came out on top as the best bang for the buck”

—Gray, Seattle WA

Saw your mat cutting system at the Woodworker’s Trade shows, was impressed with the design and effectiveness. Came in to the need for such an item, purchased the 4501 set. Received it last week, watched the video, tried a few test cuts, and proceeded to make 18 double mats in our first weekend of owning it. Superbly designed, well manufactured, great “how to” video, extremely simple to set up and use. Thanks for a product that lives up to it’s claim!”


… After watching the video, I made a perfect mat in no time at all. Wonderful Product” – Sandy, Tucson AZ.

“I wish more companies provided the kind of service you do!”

—Ernest, Paramus NJ

This matting system is phenomenal!! I swear my very first mat was PERFECT! Your product is the best – thank you for designing a tool anyone can use.”

—Sandy, Dallas TX

I am writing this to let you know how pleased I am with my 4501 cutter. It has eliminated waste, headaches, guessing and cursing. In short it’s quite a tool. Life hasn’t been the same! No exaggeration I have picked up more matting jobs and photographic work as a direct result of the speed and relative ease of the 4501. I had a stroke months before my first mat was ever cut so the use of my left arm/hand is limited but it doesn’t stop me from being able to do a credible job with good ol’ 45. I have recently gotten involved with the local art society and have told many of the “I don’t have time / it’s too hard to do” crowd about the EZ/MAT and my success with it.”

—Harold, St. Petersburg FL

I had been matting my mother’s watercolors for four years when I tried the Alto’s Mat Cutting System. Perfect, I redid every painting in her house with double mats. Now I’m cutting them for neighbors and friends from her art class. The Alto cutter makes me more popular than my pick-up and there’s no heavy lifting.”

—Scott, Kansas City MO

Keep up the good work!!! I am very pleased that you have such a wonderful display in your homepage. I had the opportunity to purchase a 4501 system, and I am very happy with the good results it has brought. Your products are just great and economic. Congratulations. Thank you.”

—Eddie, Columbia, South America

I have been using the Alto’s Mat Cutting System for many, many years and love it!!! It has become a very dependable and easy to use tool for the many mats I cut for the photographs and other artwork I sell. And I have been teaching several of my serious amateur photo friends how easy it is to mat and frame with your system . . . 6 of them have purchased their own systems.”

—Teddi, Bothell WA

I have one of your Mat Cutting Systems, which I would not trade for the most costly ‘professional’ mat cutter. I can (and do!) do decorative cuts and other such things with my handy Alto’s that my competition would labor long in doing on their ‘professional’ cutters.”

—William, Huntington WV

I recently borrowed one of your mat cutters from my brother. I was most favorably impressed with its accuracy and ease of operation. In fact, the only real problem I have with the cutter is that he wants it back.”

—Wayne, Coulee Dam WA

Your Alto’s Mat Cutting System is the greatest!!”

—Dawn, Syracuse NY

… I am recommending Altos Mat Cutting Systems to anyone who is considering buying a mat cutter, not only for the quality of the product, but also the quality of the customer service and employees.”

—Dorothy, Pace FL

I purchased a 4505 mat cutter along with the oval kit and circle cutter… The thing works great.”

—Jeff, Spiceland, IN

Dear Altos Persons, I purchased your Model 4501 Mat cutter some years ago and with it have since cut a countless number of mats. They, mostly double were easy to cut and look extremely professional. The price of the unit proved to be the best buy for my buck. I thought it was the most useful piece of equipment for my studio until I purchased your Model 90 T-Square cutter. This has saved me a lot of headaches measuring and cutting art materials with accuracy and easy. A big thank you to the Alto’s people who have been designing and marketing the products for people like me. Very truly”

—Charles, Hyde Park, NY

Thank you to everybody here, and to the many more we didn’t publish, who took the time to write.


After all, your satisfaction is Alto’s success.