M-90 T-Square Cutter: No Longer Available


Heavy-duty versatile tool makes clean 90° vertical cuts with no bevel. Cuts full 32″ x 40″ sheets of mat board, foam board, paper or cardboard down to any size you want. Sliding cutting head with adjustable blade depth cuts even 1/4″ foam core board! Line up the accurate ruler to your desired width, press the cutting head down and pull. The ergonomic pivoting cutter attaches and slides for easy cutting. Set the blade depth to cut just about anything; leather, mylar, vinyl, etc.

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Alto’s Model 90 T-Square Cutter Includes:

  • T6 aircraft hardened, anodized aluminum straightedges with accurate rulers (full 40″ cuts)
  • Ergonomic, pivoting, vertical sliding cutting head
  • 5 Blades; extra sharp rectangular blades can be flipped when one tip becomes dull, so you get double duty from each blade…uses same blade as M45, M4501, and M360 cutters
  • Detailed instructions