M-30 Freehand Mat Cutter


The original Alto's mat cutter, great for curves at a 30° bevel!

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Make your mat truly original…use the Model 30 Mat Board Cutter to cut curved and graceful freehand designs…simple elegant accents with a contrasting color showing through are beautiful, or go to town designing creative and curvy mats! This easy-to-use, freehand mat cutter can be used right or left-handed and cuts a clean 30° bevel. The Model 30 is compatible with the 4501 Mat Cutting System and is included with the Oval Templates. For cutting most mats with your own straight edge, we recommend the Model 45…but the Model 30 comes in handy for cutting very thick museum mat board, as the blade depth can be set deeper. Comes with 5 Blades: Narrow Point #3 Blades, honed on both sides especially for curved cutting and maximum sharpness.

  • 30-degree bevel cuts
  • Clean start/stop points
  • Easiest-to-use freehand cutter

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Dimensions 5 x 3 x 1.75 in