Creative Mat Designs


Creative Mat Designs 1

A 55-page book with 13 different mat designs.

Creative Mat Designs 2

A review of the basics and 11 different mat designs within 55 pages.

Creative Mat Designs 3

This book is 50% larger than our other two design books, with 18 different mat designs within 93 pages.



From more traditional to super intricate designs: Title Blocks, Shadow Box, Insets, Raised Accents, Deco, Southwest and other designs by Alto’s staff…Creative Mat Designs books lead you step-by-step, cut by cut. Perhaps you have admired the elegant mats sometimes seen in galleries and thought they were beyond your mat cutting abilities. NOT SO! We have simplified it for you by writing the directions so you can do it, one cut at a time.

Although these mats were designed with Alto’s Mat Cutting Systems, some folks have adapted the patterns to other types of mat cutters. Ideally, your success with these step-by-step instructions will encourage you to branch out and create your own unique designs.